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*Kidex Academy is part of the CWELCC Tuition Fee reduction program*


Kidex Academy is committed to following “How does learning happen” under the guidelines of the Child Care and Early Years Act.

We strive to be organized around the foundations of belonging, well-being, engagement and expression in children where their goals and expectations integrate with the six Principles of the Early Learning for Every Child Today (ELECT).

Kidex Academy employs the Emergent Curriculum approach to create an environment where children can learn and grow at their own pace. Our facility makes use of age appropriate material, tools and equipment.  This curriculum allows us to follow the lead of the child so that they may develop and grow to be inquisitive at their own pace. Each child has the opportunity to be creative and innovative as they progress through the program.

At Kidex Academy we believe that “CHILDREN ARE COMPETENT, CAPABLE, CURIOUS AND RICH IN POTENTIAL” and our programs revolve around this.

Independence and self –reliance

Kidex is set to meet each and every child’s needs to become independent and self-reliant by allowing the child to be curious and to develop at their own pace. Our facility materials consist of objects which encourage curiosity. Children are encouraged to be self-reliant in simple day to day activities such as eating, playing, and dressing. We encourage all activities where the child can develop their own skills with open communication between the child and the teachers. Our supervision is always on hand but we encourage the child to self-help.

Initiative, imagination and courage

We strive to allow the child to develop their own initiative, imagination sand courage. The child is allowed to partake in all activities including painting, creative arts and various pay activities. The child is encouraged to think outside the box with all center activities. All of our resources are freely available and accessible to the child at all times. The child is allowed to progress at their own pace without specific instruction as to tell the child what to do. Materials are used that will spark an interest and allow the child to develop that particular interest. Our materials are then changed based on the specific needs or interest the child may have.

Our center provides an environment what allows the child to explore their surroundings which fosters curiosity. We provide outdoor space as an extension of our facility where be encourage the same behavior. We encourage the child to stimulate the feeling of belonging, making friends and interacting with each other.  We use various techniques such as music, storytelling and other physical activities to encourage the development and growth.

Our goals therefore include that every child has a sense of belonging, wellbeing, is engaged in the learning process and is allowed to express themselves at their own pace.

We offer daily activities to include language, music, physical, literacy numeracy and various play activities to foster the learning process. Our program goals include:

Allow the child to interact and communicate in a positive way.
Encourage the child’s exploration, play and enquiring mind.
The provision of adult supported experiences.
The creation of opportunities to develop relationships with friends.

Health, Safety, Nutrition and well being

Kidex promotes an environment of belonging, well-being and engagement.

Our staff are educators who spend time both collectively and separately giving the child the time and space needed to develop.  We create an environment where the child feels safe and healthy. We encourage positive, supportive and interactive relationships in the center.

Health and Safety

We are committed to proving a healthy and a safe environment for both adults and children. We strive to meet and exceed all government standards with regards to health and safety. We do this through regular inspections both indoor and outdoor.


Kidex Academy employs the services of Food for Tots., an approved Food service Company dedicated to providing a healthy and, balanced and nutrition diet for all our age groups. Menus are alternated on a weekly cycle and are developed with various agencies to ensure a balanced diet. These menus are shared with parents as they are made available both in the center and via social media.

Relationships between our children, staff, families and community partners.

Kidex Academy works with parents and children as a unit. We strongly promote family inclusion into our center and activities. We believe that both parents and educators can play a vital role in the development of our children today. We also believe in promoting a sense of belonging for both the children and parents in our program. Our staff communicate on a daily basis with each parent and issues a report detailing activities, sleep and meals during the day. We also use log books which are displayed for each parent on a daily basis. Staff work to promote conflict resolution, problem solving skills and developed responsibility amongst both children and parents. Kidex is committed to continue to collaborate with families on all child development.

Self-Expression and Self-Regulation

The Kidex Programs promote a sense of belonging, self-expression, communication and self-regulation. Children are taught how to express themselves as well as their emotions in all aspects of their days. Staff assist in helping to control emotions, pay attention as well as teach how to understand consequences of both actions and words. An environment of awareness to all the above is encouraged in all programs.

Reaching our potential

All Kidex children are seen and treated as individuals. Each child must have a sense of belonging and although treated as individuals, must feel comfortable in group environments. Activities are structured in each program so as to stimulate both individualism as well as group relationships. Each child is allowed to progress at their own pace in each of these environments. Our goal is to leave each child with a high sense of satisfaction at the end of each day.

Language and Cognitive Skills

Our Emergent curriculum stimulates the child interest as an individual. We enable each child to be inquisitive, to investigate, to question, to solve problems and to engage in critical thinking processes. We believe strongly in the enquiring mind and stimulate curiosity in each child.

Our programs are developed in advance based on the interests and direction of the children. Various activities and tools are used in collaboration with structure, so as to promote these strengths. Children are encouraged to articulate their own ideas and thoughts. We allow and support cultures and respect the first language of each child in their home environment.  Our programs are respectful of diverse cultures, environments and we recognize each child is unique in their own right and family base. 

Outdoor Activities

Each day, weather permitting, our programs allow for outdoors structured and free play. We promote all aspects of fine motor skills by allowing for such activities as running, jumping, climbing, in both individual and group participation. This also helps develop coordination and strength in each child.

Family and Parent engagement and communication

Kidex promotes open communication with the parents of each child. Our staff make themselves available on a daily basis to meet with parents to discuss the child’s day. Our aim is to encourage parents to become engaged in their child development and to assist and motivate the development. Sharing knowledge is vital to creating a positive atmosphere where each child can thrive. In addition to daily communication and report cards, we provide log books and regular report cards to each parent. The partnerships we form help to build relationships between teacher, parent and child and stimulates growth and development.

Community partners

Kidex supports local community partnerships.  We support local colleges, volunteer groups and local business in general. We have found that local college placements can bring in new and fresh ideas to enhance our programs. We will continue to make a difference in our local community.

Continuous Professional Learning

Kidex Academy strongly supports continuous learning. We encourage further education in all aspe3cts of child education. We are a member of Halton Resource Center and are approved by the Halton quality First program, a continuous improvement program providing for ongoing professional training for early childhood educators. All staff are treated with respect, and are supported in every way possible to further their education. Our staff attend mandatory professional meetings in line with the Halton program as part of their continuous professional training.

Workshops are held on a regular basis within the center and in conjunction with the Halton Resource Center. Our staff also work closely with the children enabling them to develop their own awareness.

Offsite Field Trips

Kidex Academy will take the children off premises for walks or field trips. Kidex will inform parents ahead of time about field trips. Staff/child ratios will be maintained on all walks or field trips, a First Aid Kit and emergency cards with updated information and photo of child will be brought on all field trips or walks. At least one staff member present with the children must hold a current, valid first aid certificate, and access to a working telephone must be available within 5 minutes walking distance of the field trip site. An emergency plan must be developed prior to field trip, and all staff/volunteers in attendance at the field trip must be familiar with the emergency plan. All emergency plans should contain the telephone numbers of parents, ambulance, hospital and doctor, as well as what actions are to be taken in the event of an emergency occurring. A signed informed consent form must be received from the parent/guardian of the child prior to any field trips.

Program Statement reviews

Kidex Academy is committed to a program of continuous improvement. Documentation is a way of program enhancement. We are committed to documenting our processes in all our regular activity. Our staff are constantly observing activities and behaviors and documentation allows us to comply with:

Recording experiences and creating a story line of experiences.
Allowing both adult and child to play an active role in education and development.
Reflect on specific behavior enabling us to develop and stimulate growth.
Planning and programing.
Promoting a positive environment and responsive relationships.
Monitoring and developing continuous professional learning programs.

This program statement is reviewed by all staff and volunteers entering the center. It is reviewed by directors, staff and parents so as to align with the Ministry Policy Statement.

Reviewed and approved by:

Hadia Kadan


Kidex Academy Inc.